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Maintaining your refrigeration system is extremely important not only to ensure that food and other items stored within remain properly chilled and safe to consume, but also to prevent costly break-downs and energy inefficiency. Refrigeration allows businesses to store a variety of goods for extended periods of time without the worry of spoilage. Whether you own a commercial retail store, restaurant, food truck or run an industrial kitchen, understanding and following simple maintenance tips will help ensure that your refrigeration system is operating safely and efficiently. 


One of the most important steps in maintaining a refrigeration system is to keep the condenser coil clean. Periodically inspect the coil for signs of dust and dirt build-up, which could easily cause the coil to become clogged and hamper the system’s ability to execute its cooling functions. To clean the condenser coil, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to remove dirt and debris that’s been collected in the coils.


On a regular basis, inspect and maintain the gaskets seals around the refrigerator doors and drawers. Gaskets should remain free of dust and debris and be in good working condition with no cracks or tears exhibiting. Because gaskets aren’t ‘plug-and-play’ replaceable and can be expensive to replace, it’s sometimes wise to have a certified technician inspect for maintenance to ensure a long lifespan and energy efficiency. 


Just like other mechanical systems, refrigeration entails the need for adequate lubrication. Missing lubricant or even oil can cause parts to corrode and then breakdown, impacting a system’s capability to adequately cool down the stored food items. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for specific recommendations and practices associated with lubricating certain components of your refrigeration system.


Also, be sure to inspect the fan blades for cracked or broken pieces, and make sure the fan is operating without making loud or unnatural sounds. The fan is responsible for helping to maintain the fridge's cool temperature, allowing it to operate more efficiently, so it's important that it’s functioning properly.


Finally, be sure to check the temperature setting of your refrigeration system at least once a week. Depending on the manufacturer, the recommended temperature range could be varied however, it’s important to keep items between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, keep an eye on the humidity level. For items such as fruits and

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